Unlike the popular phrase “laws are meant to be broken”, they are not actually meant for that. They are meant to keep the world from collapsing into a pit of chaos. Laws are indeed some of the most important things that humans do and have done. Well, in this guide, I will be talking about why laws are stringent. Stringent and strict laws are things that keep some unstable humans from doing things that they will regret, along with a lot of other people too.


If you think about it, if you are from the United States, you would end up paying hundreds of dollars for over-speeding, running a red light and whatnot. If your car gets towed, you may even have to pay a thousand dollars or more. The law requires you to pay such a huge fine because it wants you to the know the severity of your actions and it also wants you to be more careful from the next time, the law does not want you to keep committing the same crime, pay the fine and go one with your life. If the penalty is cheap or affordable, people won’t care, they will keep doing whatever they want without having to worry about the law. I have been around the world and have also spent time in places like the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Thailand and more. What I have seen in most countries is that you can get away with traffic violations by just dropping a dollar or two in places like India. But, nowadays in India, the law is getting stricter, and if you get caught committing any traffic violations, you will be asked to pay more than a thousand rupees. That would indeed be a steep price to pay for breaking the law. Well, the increase in the fine prices has actually made people more vigilant and more responsible as well.


That is actually the point of having strict laws in places where people are not interested in following rules. The rules will MAKE them follow it because it is necessary for their own good, and some people do understand it. Wherever you go, there will be people who understand that laws and will want to follow them, and on the contrary, there will be people who hate the government for implementing these laws because they do not understand the point.

Furthermore, in my opinion, stringent laws are actually required because of how nonchalant people have become when it comes to following laws. Littering laws should actually get more and more stringent because we need to promote the cleaning of our planet so that we leave a clean world for our future generations.